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Liver Functions

How does the human liver regenerate? The science and latest insights

The liver is a remarkable human organ with a high regenerative capacity and complex functions. The phenomenal capacity of the liver to regenerate has been observed over many centuries in many animals as well.  Even if more than 50% of its overall mass is damaged, it can regenerate itself completely. Regeneration of the liver was […]

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Don’t just pop pills – their side effects may outweigh their benefits!

It is important not to simply pop pills. Our body should be able to process these, altering their form and utilize the amount that is beneficial and be able to eliminate the rest successfully. Most of this processing occurs in our liver. If there is already a preexisting liver disorder and damage, the capacity to […]

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Liver and Effects of Smoking

Smokers are known to be at a higher risk for developing a host of diseases commonly high blood pressure (hypertension), lung cancer and so on. Cigarette smoke is a toxic collection of more than 4000 chemicals including nicotine. Now there is increasing evidence that smoking may negatively impact the prevalence, severity, and clinical course of […]

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Keep fat out of your liver

Currently in India, data suggests that there is an epidemic of diabetes and obesity. Both these conditions are responsible for an increase in fatty liver disease. This is due to rapid westernization of our diet patterns and sedentary lifestyles. Fatty liver disease occurs when extra fat molecules accumulate inside liver cells. The presence of those […]

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Early signs and symptoms of liver damage that should not be ignored

The liver is an important and the largest internal solid organ in the human body. It is the main chemical factory of the body. A normal healthy liver carries out vital functions in maintaining good health. The liver is essential for digesting food and removing toxic substances from the body. However, liver damage can occur […]

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What’s the difference between liver damage and liver failure?

Liver disease can be caused by many factors. These include infections, chemical injury, liver injury by the body’s own immune system, and cancer. Whatever the cause, the liver suffers damage. Unless liver damage is controlled, it can lead to irreversible liver damage that ends in the death of liver cells leading to liver failure. Secondly, […]

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